Everybody wants to look and feel amazing. As well as looking good on the outside, at EDEN Life Centres we encourage people to feel great and operate at their best.


Being fit and healthy is possible for everyone, but requires commitment and effort. Your daily lifestyle and food choices are what shape your body and your health. With so much conflicting nutritional advice available it can be confusing which is best to follow.


At EDEN you receive tailored advice, taking into account your unique health aspects, to healthily build and maintain the best body you can have, while keeping optimum energy.


In addition to Eden’s individualized nutritional therapy, there are some simple strategies to keep you feeling well, operating optimally, and feeling charged through the day with good mind health and clarity.


1. Look after your gut


The health of your digestive system is fundamental to how your body absorbs and distributes nutrients around the body. Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced by your gut? And 70% of your immune system resides there?

When your gut is working well, your body is immunologically stronger and the gut-brain-axis is supported, facilitating wellness, a healthy mind, and weightloss.


2. Move


Human’s are naturally ‘hunter/gatherer’s’, but now all we seem to do is sit around all day, and it is one of the worst things for health. If you are generally not very active during the day, then you have to commit to exercise before and/or after.


A morning workout is a great way to initiate an exercise habit as it not only gets the body moving, but it results in healthier circadian function and sleep patterns, hormone balancing, and improved energy through the day. Aim for 30 minutes a day with an increased heart rate, include both cardio and strength training, and enjoy the benefits of toxin elimination when you break a sweat.



3. Reduce processed carbohydrates


(Bread, rice, noodles, pasta, chips, bakery goods, sweets). The sugars in these foods provide more energy than necessary that are then stored as fatty tissues by the body. They also contribute to the destruction of our intestinal walls, which reduces gut health (see point 1), and can lead to foreign particles entering the blood. Alternatives are sweet potato, pumpkin, root vegetables, zucchini ‘noodles’, and quinoa.



4. Ensure 2/3 of every meal is vegetables


Veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals that keep your organs healthy, antioxidants which mop up damaged cells and toxins, and fibre which our gut needs for motility and digestion. They are high in fibre and low in calories, so filling up on them ensures healthy bowel without expending your energy intake. Remember to include dark leafy greens daily, and to have a variety of coloured, cooked and raw veggies in your diet.



5. Don’t forget the protein!


1/3 of each meal/snack should be a healthy well sourced protein. Our cells need protein to rebuild themselves daily, our muscles need protein after we exercise, and our brain and organs need it to carry out their regular functions. Protein also gives our body the capacity to start mobilising fatty tissue for energy. This can be wild caught fish, free range red meat, organic poultry or eggs, or vegetarian sources like non genetically modified tofu or tempeh, quinoa, or a mixture of chickpeas, lentils and beans.



6. Don’t start the day with a huge blood sugar spike


Rice, toast, cereal, grain or flour products… all illicit a fast and dramatic blood sugar and insulin spike, which leads to fatigue later in the day, sugar cravings, and the storage of excess calories as fatty tissue. A better way to start the day is with a healthy protein, veggies, and a small serving of essential fats- for example a 2 egg omelette with veggies, cooked in coconut oil. This keeps your energy levels stable and encourages fat burning.



7. Don’t over eat.


Whilst it is not as simple as ‘calories in calories out’ (because all calories are not equal- e.g. the number of calories in a banana may equal that of a chocolate bar, but obviously the body is much better off with a banana) – you do not want to be consuming a significant amount of calories in comparison to what you burn. If your meals are made up of a palm sized serve of protein, 2/3 of the plate veggies, and a small serve of essential fats (eg raw nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado), then you are on the right track!





8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!


We are mostly water, and we need to continually intake fresh water for organ function, health brain activity, sleep regulation, mental health, and every other system in the body. Climate, your size, activity level, diet and lifestyle all contribute to how much water is your minimum requirement, but as a general rule women should aim for at least 2L a day and men 3.5L.



9. Enjoy yourself, laugh, relax.


Our digestive system and fat mobilization is dependant on our parasympathetic nervous system- which is dependant on us being in ‘rest and digest’ mode. Combatting stress and allowing the body to properly relax is important for weight loss and healthy body function.


The most efficient way to improve your health and change your body shape through diet and exercise, is to do so under the guidance of professionals. At EDEN, our nutrition clients work with Sarah and have had incredible results in just 30 days.



Remember that everything you put into your body, and everything you do with or to your body will impact how you look and feel - so spoil yourself and give your body just what it needs - healthy nutritious foods, plenty of water, exercise you enjoy and mindful rest.





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