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Botox by Allergan is a FDA-approved prescription product that temporarily improves the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and smooths wrinkles on the forehead, eye areas and frown spots between the eyes.
Eden Life Centres only uses certified imported Botox to ensure your safety and maximum results.

The Botox muscle relaxant serum is injected using an ultra thin needle directly into the muscle at the desired area of wrinkle formation causing it to temporarily relax. The effect of the treatment usually lasts 3-4 months, depending on the individual’s metabolism, overall health and lifestyle. 


Botox may be used in conjunction with other treatments including dermal fillers and IV infusions. We also recommend a really good facial prior to the Botox treatment to prepare your skin. Highly recommended for Men is the Carboxy Facial, and for Women, try our Signature LED Facial.

    •    FDA-approved, natural product, non toxic, reversible
    •    Treatment is performed in minutes and pain free
    •    Smooths wrinkles in the foreheads, crow’s feet and between the eyes
    •    No downtime or recovery period
    •    Botox is the number one selling product of its kind in the world and well reputed as a safe aesthetic treatment

Keep in mind that after your treatment you must remember to avoid excessive sweating, avoid lying down horizontally for 5 hours, and avoid any facial massage or hard pressure to the treated area to ensure best results. More after-care notes below.

New treatments using Botox include:

Botox for anti-perspiration (underarms)

Botox for chin and jawline contouring

Botox for tightening aging neck skin

Our clinic is Western owned and managed. Your safety and great natural looking results are of paramount importance to us. We welcome you to come visit, and talk to us about your next Botox in Bali treatment.

  • Botox for crows feet and smile lines will leave your face refreshed looking and naturally smooth.

    16 – 24 units of Botox are generally used in this area

  • Frown Lines are the deep vertical creases between eyebrows above the nose. These lines can make you look angry and overly serious. Soften the mid-brow area with Botox for a natural, relaxed effect.

    10 – 18 units of Botox are generally used in this area

  • Horizontal foreheads lines are among the first visible signs of aging. Permanent frown lines can be softened or removed entirely with subtle botox injections. 

    16 – 24 units of Botox are generally used in this area

What happens After the Botox Treatment?

The injection process may cause initial minor redness and swelling like a mosquito bite,  possible pinpoint bruising and tenderness. These side effects dissipate within an hour to two or three days and can be hidden with light make- up. Most people have the redness for no more than an hour.

Using an anti-bruise cream such as Arnica is recommended if the patient is susceptible to bruising or in poor health. Some patients report that their forehead initially feels heavy, due to weakening of the forehead muscle. This feeling usually fades within 1 day to 2 weeks. Following treatments, avoid touching areas treated for 12 hours and do not lie down for 5 hours. Most people do not experience the heavy head, but if they do it may last juts a few days.

No facial massage for one week. These actions may cause the injectable muscle relaxer to migrate and affect surrounding muscles.


Serious complications are very rare and most patients have no side effects with BOTOX at all.

How long until I see the Botox working?  Depending on your body metabolism, you will see effect in between 3 - 9 days. Most people see the effects after 4 days.


BOTOX@ Cosmetic USA Allergan - 90,000 per unit

All prices subject to 10% Government Tax Charge.




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